This project aims to refocus academic attention on the current industry, markets and texts for Japanese film.

We aim to make our findings relevent to academics, industry and the general public in the UK and beyond. This website houses information about the project, its publications and relevant events. We invite you will join us in investigating the fascinating worlds of contemporary Japanese film: from manga to the movies.



Manga to the Movies:

An AHRC Research Council Funded Project Analysing Japanese Media Franchising

 Manga to Movies: Contemporary
Japanese Cinema, Media Franchising and Transnational Adaptation


Very little is written in English about how new Japanese films get made. We are therefore working to produce new insights into the contemporary production, dissemination and reception of Japanese cinema in Japan and beyond. One of the clearest trends in contemporary Japanese film production is that many films form just a part of much larger media franchises, many of which begin with manga (comic book) sources. We use a wide range of sources and methods to unpack some of these franchises, examining their domestic success and transnational circulation.


Project Staff:

Lead Investigator: Dr Rayna Denison

Project Research Assistant: Dr Woojeong Joo

Previous Research Assistant:

Dr Hiroko Furukawa (now a lecturer at Tohoku Gakuin University)

Project Dates:

January 2011-January 2013

ALL RIGHTS RESERVED TO Dr Rayna Denison , all photographs included on the site were taken by the author

Manga to Movies Project