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Rayna Denison, 2016, "Franchising and Film in Japan: Transmedia Production and the Changing Roles of Film in Contemporary Japanese Media Culture", in Cinema Journal 55. pp.67-88


Read about how Japanese contemporary films are positioned in relation to the wider Media Industries in Japan.

Rayna Denison, 2015, "Redistributing Japanese Television Dorama: The Shadow Economies and Communities around Online Fan Distribution of Japanese Media" in Velvet Light Trap 75. pp. 58-72


Read about how fans create shifting, loosely organised communities that work to distribute Japanese television.

Hiroko Furukawa and Rayna Denison, 2015, "Disaster and Relief: The 3.11 Tohoku and Fukushima Disasters and Japan’s Media Industries", in International Journal of Cultural Studies 18. pp. 225-241



Read about the Great East Earthquake that happened in Japan in 2011, and how the local  media industries responded.

Rayna Denison, 2014, "Franchising and Failure: Discourses of Failure within the Japanese-American Speed Racer Franchise", in Mechademia 9. pp. 269-281



Read about American attempts to adapt anime and manga (available as a book or through Project Muse).

Rayna Denison, 2016, "Tracing Asian Franchises: Local and Transnational Reception of Hana Yori Dango", in Media Across Borders, edited book collection.


Read about the ways Japanese media are being adapted and transformed around Asia. Available as part of a book called Media Across Borders, available for purchase.

Rayna Denison and David Desser eds., 2014, Japanese and Korean Film Franchising and Adaptation, Special Issue of the Journal of Japanese and Korean Cinema



Read a range of scholarly articles about the long history of cross-media adaptation in Asia.

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