5 September, 2012


Contemporary Japanese Media Cultures: Industry, Society and Audiences


University of East Anglia, UK

Wednesday 5th September , 2012


9:30-10:00am Registration & Coffee

10:00-10:30am Opening Discussion: Whose Contemporary Japanese Media?


10:30-11:30 – Panel 1: Industry Commentators and Representatives

Panel Chair: Jerome Mazandarani, Manga Entertainment UK


Jonathan Clements (Author and Editor of Manga UK Blog) False Profits: Who Benefits from a Japanese Box Office Flop?

Andrew Osmond (Editor, ANN UK) The Anime We Want

Hugh K. David (Marketing) Title TBC


11:30-12:45 - Panel 2: Audiences and Japanese Media Texts

Hiroko Furukawa (Tohoku Gakuin University) Reality Follows Anime: Post-Fukushima Implicatures in Nausicaa

Leah Holmes (Bath Spa University) From Weird to Wired: The Internet and “Fourth Generation” Anime Fandom

Yoko Matsumoto-Sturt (University of Edinburgh) What Are They Doing in the World of Hatsune Miku? Creative Audiences, Transmedia Participation and Redistribution of User-Generated Content

Emma Jane Pett (University of Aberystwyth) A Contested Genre: investigating British Audiences of Asian Extreme Cinema


12:45-1:45 Lunch

1:45-3:00pm - Panel 3: Cross-cultural Media Exchanges

Eija Niskanen (University of Helsinki) Moomin’s Adventures in Japan – Adapting Finnish Characters to Anime

Derek Johnston (University of Portsmouth) Exploring the Kozure Okami/Lone Wolf and Cub Mega-Text

Iain Robert Smith (Univesity of Roehampton) Transnational Sherlock: The Politics of Cross-cultural Adaptation in Meitantei Holmes

Katja Valaskivi (University of Tampere) Looking for the Soft Power of Cool Japan: Circulation of Meanings in Television Production


3:00-3:15pm -  Coffee

3:15-4:15pm – Panel 4: Unseen/Unheard? – Domestic Hits in Japan

Oliver Dew (University of Birkbeck) The Role of Affect and Branding in Creating the Crossover Hit

Shiro Yoshioka (Newcastle University) It’s Show Time! – Videogame Goes to the Theatre

Rayna Denison (University of East Anglia) The Limits of Piracy – Stars and the Online Japanese Media Grey Markets


4:15-4:45pm Roundtable Discussion

4:45-5:45pm Keynote Address: Professor David Desser

5:45-6:30pm Reception


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